The world has grown old, and the continents have shifted. The sun grows dimmer and so do the souls of men. Here, on a corner of the last continent, a city has fallen into ruin under the thrall of the unquiet dead. From far-off lands and from the nearby villages, those whose desperation leads them into madness or foolhardiness have come to take for the living that which is under the control of the dead.

Using Swords and Wizardry: Whitebox (and perhaps some ideas from Terminal Space), the characters will have a sandbox setting to explore, centering on a ruined city overrun with undead, but including a number of adventure hooks ranging from traditional adventure locations to intrigue and perhaps even murder mysteries. The game will center on the characters and their choices, not on GM-originated plots (though the latter will exist, for the players to involve themselves in or not as they choose).

The world is set at the end of time, where the continents have drifted once again into a single supercontinent. Elements of science fantasy combine with swords & sorcery in a spirit of pulp adventure of the sort written by Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, and Fritz Leiber.

Since the game will have self-contained sessions set in a larger, persistent background, players may show up as they can and choose, and may maintain as many characters as they like (though they may generally only play one per session). There are no restrictions on using player knowledge, as that’s sort of the point. Players are encouraged to make and use maps as they explore the setting, though they will be mostly unnecessary in the base town, located a day’s walk from the city ruins that serve as the tentpole of the setting.

Terra Ultima